An internship is a relational commitment to explore individual’s gifts and abilities and to develop ministry around that in a structured environment. For the most part, internships are self-directed where individuals are partnered with one of the missionaries who will coach them into developing the ministry they feel God is calling them into.

One of the foundational principles that Healing Hearts Ministries Ins. is founded upon is empowerment. We believe that individuals minister most effectively when they are functioning within their giftedness and calling; therefore, we prefer to empower individuals rather than trying to plug them into existing programs.

Internships can be designed to be a fulfillment of Bible School requirements or for individual discovery and equipping. They can be anywhere from one month to two years in length.

Talk to us and let us hear your heart and together discover what God has planned for you.

Bible College Teams

HHM is in partnership with a number of Bible colleges in Western Canada facilitating ministry teams in our different ministry locations. These teams come for anywhere from a weekend to several weeks at a time. We work together with the Bible Schools to fulfill their expectations as well as providing a positive ministry experience for the students.

Ministry Teams

HHM has had the privilege of working with youth groups, young adult and church groups facilitating a diverse array of ministry opportunities in many of our ministry locations. These ministries have included kid’s clubs, working at food banks & soup kitchens, street outreach, fishing camps, winter survival experiences, and many other ministry opportunities. HHM focuses on empowering individuals and groups to those ministries where they are best suited. We try to ensure a positive ministry experience although it may also be very challenging.

Relational Weekends

A common worship chorus says, “Come and see what the Lord has done.” Another saying that has been formulated especially for HHM is “We really do not know what we are doing but we pray a lot.” Based upon these two statements we encourage individuals who have heard of HHM to spend a weekend with us praying with us and watching God at work in our midst.

We believe the Kingdom of God is about relationship and all significant change that happens in lives happens in the context of relationship. Relational weekends are intended to be building relationships for the furtherance of the Kingdom of God.

For ministry opportunities please contact Healing Hearts Ministries Inc. at hhmregina@gmail.com or 306-565-3732