Prison Ministry

Healing Hearts Prison Ministry is separate from but an extension of Nick Helliwell’s role as Chaplain at the Regina Correctional Centre. The Healing Hearts Prison Ministry was started by Spurgeon Root in 2002(?) as a visitation ministry to incarcerated gang members. Since Nick accepted a part time position as prison chaplain, it was only natural that he would head up this ministry.

Healing Hearts seeks to reach into the lives of the men of north central and offer support by walking with them through their journeys in life, bringing into their lives the healing touch of Jesus Christ. Thus when men are incarcerated, the prison ministry is a vital link to allow continuity to our ministry to them. Today our prison ministry is not limited to gang members, but all incarcerated men.

In addition to training, recruiting and presentation of prison ministry throughout Regina’s Christian and other faith communities, Nick also initiated additional avenues of prison ministry not previously available to minister without physical visiting the prison.

Healing Hearts Prison Ministry now provides valuable faith resources to men who are incarcerated.

These faith resources include:

There are other ministries we would like to develop as part of our prison ministry:

If you would like to partner with Healing Hearts Ministry in supporting our prison ministry in any manner please contact us.