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Nick has served as Chaplain at the Regina Provincial Correctional Centre (RPCC) since January, 2011. His role as Prison Chaplain integrates well with his position as Men's Pastor at Healing Hearts Ministry.
Many of the men from North Central run into conflict with the law and end up in prison at RPCC and Nick is able to provide continuous service to those men both as they enter and exit incarceration.
Within the Prison, Nick's ministry is threefold:
First as a pastor to provide spiritual services such as Chapel Services, Pastoral Counseling, distributing Bibles, crosses as well as access to multifaith communities such as Muslim, Judaism and other religions.
Second, the Prison Chaplain's office provides Faith-Based Programming, and Nick leads the Fathering Program and Music Program alongside other programs provided by the other two chaplains, Sandra Reid and David Nelson.
The third role of a Prison Chaplain is to provide benevolent materials to the inmate population donated by the community.
Spiritual Services
The Prison Chaplain is responsible for arranging chapel services throughout the prison. This is the human right of every prisoner in Canada. As the largest provincial prison in Saskatchewan, providing chapel services to every inmate can be challenging.
The Chaplain's office relies on volunteer delegations to provide many of the Sunday chapel services as well as pastoral visits and so forth. The Chaplain's office provides oversite to these services and co-ordinates their activities.
Faith-Based Programming
Nick Helliwell developed the Spiritual Foundations of Fathering course in 2011 and introduced it to RPCC. Recognizing fatherlessness and father wounding as the leading factor for incarcerated men, suicide, physical violence and other social problems, Nick adaped the work of Dr. Steve Masterson of Promise Keepers Canada and others to bring this vital program to the Prison Chaplaincy at RPCC. After 9 years, the Fathering Program remains one of the most respected and requested courses at RPCC by both inmates and prison staff.
Nick also leads the Advanced Music Program, helping men with musical aptitude draw on their musical abilities to gain insight and focus on making positive personal lifestyle changes. Being the director of musical services at RPCC, Nick uses the time spent with musicians to develop close mentoring role with men, helping them to develop personal development strategies to aid them when they are released back into the community.
Other Programs provided by the Chaplains office are:
Straight Thinkers Accept Responsibilites (STAR) program and Bible Studies provided by Chaplain David Nelson, and the Grief and Loss Program developed and lead by Chaplain Sandra Reid.
Benevolent Services
Prison incarceration can be a lonely and create many hardships for inmates and their families. While justly serving their sentences, marriages and relationships come under tremendous strain, families are broken, and financial burdens are faced.
The Chaplain's office has a small energency clothing bank for inmates being released in winter, provides reading glasses, some books, puzzles, bibles, magazines and other diversions for the inmates. They also work with community networks to provide connection to community resources upon release. The Chaplain's office also gives out approximately 50-70 crosses to inmates every month and numerous Bible Studies, indicating the real spiritual hunger faced by men in what is for many the lowest point of their lives.
After Release
As mentioned, Nick's role as Chaplain wraps around to continuing to provide spiritual help, guidance and mentoring to the men who return to North Central Community. This help can include many things such as helping to re-establish housing, re-aquiring ID, getting social services, and reconnecting with community organizations.
Of course, a large part of this ministry includes introducing or re-introducing men to church and connecting men to the body of Christ in the community.

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